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Darkness - a Crime Novel

Ruben is a Philosophy student in Tampa, Florida. His girlfriend Eunice dies mysteriously. Ruben´s best friend, the brilliant Raoul, is accused of having let his dog Bandit, a Rottweiler bastard, drown Eunice. Ruben is desperately looking for answers and gets more and more involved in a nightmarish story.


The Lion´s Disease - a Crime Novel

Lions Disease a Novel

The Lion´s Disease - a Novel (2022)

A large bulk Cargo Carrier ship leaves London Harbour. After a couple of hours at sea it becomes clear that there is a new disease onboard. Soon everybody realizes that a pandemic might be unfolding from this very ship. Samuel Diggersson, 3rd mate onboard, and his captain, Dan Stork, try to find a way to save the world.


With "The Lion´s Disease" ( Amazon Paperback+Ebook ), G. created a psychological comment on the problem of pandemics by describing an outbreak of a disease on a contemporary Odyssey to Indonesia on a Bulk Cargo Carrier.
This story is also available in Swedish: "Lejonsjukan" (2021) ( Amazon, Paperback+Ebook ).............

As a fiction writer, Genell set out with several books in the Swedish language, such as "Pistolen", [ The Gun ] Tavelstölden [Theft of a Piece of Art ], Tegelkrona och skönheten [ The Beauty ] and Höstdrama [ Autumn Drama ].The concise thriller story Skjuta sig fri( 2022) [ Shootout ] - was also published on BooksOnDemand (BoD).

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